A short scene from Rising Stones

Here is a little morsel for my new followers.  I’d like to introduce you to Chase.  This is a scene from my third book, Rising Stones, where he talks about losing the love of his life.  I hope you enjoy!  
Chase put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.  “These are the things you need to tell yourself, Onna, things you need to realize.  Sometimes, the good things completely outweigh the bad.  And as long as you feel that way, then nothing else matters.  Screw the future, darling, live for today, live for each moment—because you never know what tomorrow holds.”
I wiped the tears off my cheeks.  He was right, of course.  Chase had all this knowledge from decades of living, knowledge that I couldn’t even begin to possess in my nineteen years. 
“Would you—” I hesitated, unsure of if I should ask him these questions.  He motioned for me to continue.  “Would you change anything? I mean, with him?  If you could go back and relive it?”
Chase sighed, and smiled sadly, somewhere else in his mind.  “No,” he said softly.  “No, I couldn’t.”  He closed his eyes, his face a mask of pain and anguish, “There are some things you just can’t live without.”
I wrapped my arms around him, somehow going from the one being comforted to the one giving comfort.  “How do you live with it?  The pain…”
He didn’t open his eyes, “It becomes a part of you.  It never heals, no, you just get used to it.  Like your heart walls off the part that’s infected, but you know it’s still there.  It’s like a brick, you feel it when you realize that you can’t take a deep breath and that nothing ever feels the same as it did before.  The world is in shades of gray instead of color.” 
“I’m sorry,” I whispered, overcome with grief for what Chase must have felt—for what he feels.
He smiled again, opening his eyes.  “I am too.”

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