Memebow Bright

Lately I’ve been getting tagged in a lot of memes. They’re seriously fun and ridiculous, and a good excuse to write, even if it’s about something completely silly. That being said, I’ve run into a huge MEME issue. It usually takes me about a week to respond to these meme things, and by that time all of my writerly friends have been tagged by other people. Either A: I need to make some more friends or B: I need to start my own meme. 

Of course, I chose the second option because I’m funny looking and that makes it hard for me to make friends. But, on to the meme-ing! (Haha, did you notice that play on words? You did? …Oh.  Well…pickle you kumquat!)

Show us the cutest, most adorable picture of your favorite animal:

You have five seconds to survive the zombie apocalypse. Choose one friend who would save your butt and then tell us why you chose them.
Riley Redgate. I’m choosing Riley because I know she’s read more books than I can probably imagine (and that’s saying something.) I’m also hoping that she read the Zombie Apocalypse Handbook. If all else fails, I’ll just trip her. (Aww, just kidding. You’re just a baby, I guess I’d have to sacrifice myself.)

Share a quote with us:
“How many stars in your bowl? How many shadows in your soul?” -D.H. Lawrence, The Stars Stand Still

I know you had trouble choosing just one quote. Let us have another, please:
“Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for. For every profit in one thing, payment in some other thing. For every life, a death. Even your music, of which we have heard so much, that had to be paid for. Your wife was the payment for your music. Hell is now satisfied.” -Ted Hughes, “The Tiger’s Bones”

Using exactly twenty seven words, tell your life story:
I was born and did a bunch of stuff. I grew up. I got married and had a kid. I really, really, really want to be published.

Please do not throw your hands in the air. This is not a stick up:
Gay babies. (This is what one of my guard kids says whenever there is an awkward silence. I find it very appropriate for this situation.)

All dead rock legends live again. You’re standing in a fifty mile long line for:
It’s a toss up between Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. A sweet, sweet toss up.

Describe yourself using six words that start with the third letter of your middle name. Go!:
Rad. Ravishing. Rude. Raving (as in raving mad!) Ridiculous. Rowdy.

What is your middle name? (This is for research purposes only. Your response will not affect your chances of employment.): 

What do you think of when you hear the word wombat?
 Badgers. What else would you think of?

Tag an undisclosed (Read: 3. Or whatever. Are there any rules to these meme things? I didn’t think so.) amount of people and then harass them mercilessly until they give into the insanity.

1. Riley Redgate (To make up for my zombie comments.)

2. Cherie (Because she’s just so nice and always leave me sweet comments.)

3. Michelle Simkins (She’s gotten me into a lot of fun stuff. It would be rude not to share the love.)

Make up a stripper nickname for number 3: Nixie Green

Confess your hidden feelings for 1: I totally idolize you and find you amazing and sarcastic and hilarious. I will love you always. Unless you change. In which case I’ll still love you because you couldn’t be anything other than awesome.

What is 2 doing right now?: Reading my blog and dreaming of sugar plums.

Now faithful followers, GO! Share the love.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Memebow Bright

  1. The wombat eated my cookies too. XD Cute kitty! My 3-yo says "eated" and "sawed" (as past tense of see). :)Thanks for the tag! How clever of you to make up your own. And the good thing is, no underwear here (I still have to do that one). How did you know I was thinking of sugar plums? You must be psychic or something. O_o<3

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