At best my life could be described as chaos. At worst, a disaster. Between my commute, my obsession with writing, studying, and the plethora of bad stuff that keeps happening, it’s amazing I have any time at all. For my own sanity, I need to have a plan. Said plan will probably have many deviations as most plans do. The plan might fail or it might not. Maybe for once in my life it’ll stick and something great will happen. Maybe.

Item #1 of Plan:

Take OB boards. Most of you know by now that I do ultrasounds. This board is extremely important to my career and future. Plus I’ve already signed up for it. D-Day is September 30 and the countdown has begun though panicked studying probably won’t begin until the 15th. Man, I’m so looking forward to those days. Gah!

Item # 2 of Plan:

Finish writing my current WIP. It has no title yet, so I can’t call it by name, but it’s the one with the one armed Ginger. It’s fantastic. I love it. I can’t wait to finish. After I finish, I will query. So says Item # 5 of the plan.

Item #3 of Plan:

Satisfactorily edit Stepping Stones. I’ve been making excuses. I’ve been avoiding it like my son avoids my sister’s cat. Why? I’m afraid to lose the story in the editing. When I first started writing Stepping Stones I had a very clear picture of the story. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m getting too much advice and it’s clouding my judgment. So yes, one more edit and we’re through and moving on. I will also be confident about this decision, the plan says so.

Item #4 of Plan:

Query Stepping Stones. Relish rejection and anticipate an agent. Feel complete in my success regardless.

Item #5 of Plan:

Edit, write query letter, and query one-armed Ginger book. (Also give it a title.) Repeat good feelings from Item #4 of Plan.

Item #6 of Plan:

Begin editing Broken Stones until satisfied. Repeat with Rising Stones and Sand Stones. Wash, rinse, repeat. Print all four books and put them on my bookshelf. Pretend they’ve been published. Do happy dance.

Item #7 of Plan:

Start new WIP. Possibilities are endless. Maybe I’ll take a look at something I’ve already started. Maybe it’ll be a completely new idea. Maybe I’ll write another book in my series. Regardless, I will write. (Maybe I’ll blog more, too!)

Conditions to the Plan:

This plan is a sequential list, with Item #7 being flexible. Items 1-5 must be complete before 2012. That gives me 4 months. Plenty of time once I get all that crazy studying out of the way. Items 6-7 have a longer deadline with 6 being finished by the end of 2012. Item #7 varies wildly as to a time frame. Writing kind of takes it’s own path and can’t be rushed. That’s what all the procrastinators say after all.

Sigh. So here it is, folks. I’ll probably need some help sticking to it, but it feels good to get it down on, uh, paper? I feel better.

All the best,


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