2011: A Hard Dose of Reality

Good morning world!

It’s the second day of the New Year. I feel like this is important, though it’s probably not. All it really means is that I must remember to pay a couple of bills before they slap me with late fees. It’s 2012–but what does that really mean? Perhaps I’m due a moment of reflection on 2011, which was the worst year of my life. I’m led to believe that once you hit bottom there is nowhere to go but up. In fact, I just quoted that to one of my friends who has indeed hit bottom, but not given up. That’s the key here, not giving up.

To begin my terrible 2011, you actually have to go back to 2010, where during the holidays my cousin’s house was broken into and he was shot in the back and face while his wife and kids were in the house. There was a higher power watching out for him, though, because he survived this. Shortly after that, we lost my father-in-law. I don’t think I’ll ever feel right about what happened, and I hate that I lost my chance.

After my father-in-law, my cousin (not the one who was shot) passed away. He was only a few years older than me. It really puts things into perspective when you realize that your life can be snuffed out at any moment. A couple of months went by and I found a spot on my mom’s head: Melanoma. They doctor told her that I saved her life. It’s a heady feeling, knowing this, it’s also terrifying. I’m begging you, check the people you love for cancerous moles. You might save their lives. After surviving the cancer debacle, Mom was fired from her job. As if life wasn’t hard enough, they actually fired her the day she returned from having the melanoma removed. Jerks.

But for all the bad, there was also good. I wrote another MS, one that I feel confident about, one that I think might be ready to send to agents soon. Maybe this year I’ll get over my paranoia and finally get somewhere with my writing. My winterguard kids had an awesome show in 2011, which took us up two classes and earned us several first places and community recognition. I was so unbelievably proud of all they accomplished. In 2011 I managed to dig myself out of some of the debt going to school caused me. I’m still up to my eyeballs, but I’m not drowning. Maybe by the time I hit 40 I’ll have it paid off (haha).

Recently, with the help of a dear Twitter friend of mine, Missy Biozarre, I’ve started a new project. The Stranger Diaries is everything good about life, with reading, writing, workouts, and enough comedy to sate any appetite. Check it out and meet Megatron and Gandalf. You won’t be sorry. This project actually has me excited to write! If you’re so inclined, please visit my Facebook Author Page and The Stranger Diaries on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to 2012. There’s a long way to go and a short time to get there (Smoky and the Bandit!) but I’m not giving up.

Here’s to the New Year,


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