It’s been a while since I blogged- I’d like to blame that on working too much and the recent events in my life, but the truth is, I’ve become a recluse. Not that long ago I started rewriting a past manuscript, Stepping Stones. That’s going quite well, thanks for asking! As of this second, I’ve written 37.265 words in said manuscript. I’ve changed the storyline up a bit. It’s nothing drastic, but made some subtle changes that I think are significant. Long and short, I feel pretty damn good about this project. I’m not sure how long I’ve been working on it, but the writing is steady, the words are coming along, which is all I can really ask for. I don’t let myself think about the other 3 books in the series that I’ll have to rewrite when I’m done- that’s not important right now…right? πŸ™‚

In the midst of my rewriting, another story wiggled in the back of my mind, one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. So, I wrote five pages just to let the idea out. Sometimes caged animals are feisty, devouring all our time and energy. So I gave the beast its freedom. As of right now, that manuscript has 17,151 words. I’m calling it Reflection Pond for now. It’s like nothing I’ve ever written before. There are so many important characters that I had to make a character bio file- it’s like I’m all grown up or something. I have notes now. Unheard of! This will be a YA fantasy series as well.

As for my recluse status, well, it’s hard to bang out an average of 10,000-13,000 words per week if I’m hanging out with friends and *gasp* having a life. I’ve actually replaced some of my social media time with exercise. Oh my gosh…I must be sick. Cardio? Jeesh… But seriously, I’ve sworn off leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. This writing thing better pan out, because it takes up all my free time. All I can say is at least I still enjoy it.

I have some exciting events coming up, and a semi-exciting true story (that involves near death!) that I’ll be sharing over on The Stranger Diaries just to spread the love around. Look for that tonight or tomorrow, whenever I get around to it. As for the other stuff, I’m going to meet Cassandra Clare on Tuesday at the City of Lost Souls book release party. I can’t even begin to say how excited I am to go. Cassie is my writing idol. I’ve probably mentioned this before. I just love her. So, hubby and I will be making a trip to the Chicago area for the signing and to get my long awaited copies of City of Lost Souls. (Yes, copies. One can never have enough books.) We’re making it into a mini vacation, complete with visit to Navy Pier and whatever else we find in Chicago. (You know that crazy lima bean thing? Oh yeah. I’m gonna stand under it- though it might terrify me. I have megalophobia. Look it up and promise not to make fun of me. I’ve blogged about this before.)

Speaking of Chicago- did you get a chance to read Divergent by Veronica Roth yet? How about Insurgent? Both are amazing and must reads! I love how badass Tris is! Aside from The Mortal Instruments, I might have a new favorite book series! And Veronica Roth is only 23! How’s that for impressive?

Well friends, I’m off to write some more, my forced break is over! (Anyone else find it ironic that my writing break included…more writing?)

All the best,



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