Today I am taking my blog live. My very own webspace: kaceyvanderkarr.com. It makes me feel like a real person, right here on my own little slice of writer heaven. There are great things in my future, things that I can’t tell you about yet, but trust me, they’re great. To celebrate my new blog, I’m holding a contest! I’ve thought long and hard about how I wanted this contest to work, whether I should make it a writing contest, do something else creative…so on. I finally decided to keep it simple, but you must enter to win!

What, you ask, is the prize for this contest? Why, none other than a signed copy of CITY OF LOST SOULS by CASSANDRA CLARE. It’s signed not only by Cassie herself, but also Judson Birza, Jace cover model (and also the winner of Survivor…who knew?). There are several ways to win. (Click here to skip all this and go straight to the contest!!)

  1. Follow my blog via email (the one you’re on right now, not the blogspot blog). Sometimes I say really important things, and you want to hear er…read them. Trust me.
  2. Like me on Facebook. Come on. You know you want to. Facebook makes everything official.
  3. Follow my Twitter. I don’t tweet a lot, I’m not a Twitter whore, but I’d love for you to follow me for when things get interesting. (And they will soon. PROMISE!)
  4. Send people to follow my blog by email. You will get 2 entries for each person you send to me. And just because I’m generous, I’ll give them an extra entry too. (Make sure they put your FULL NAME and EMAIL in the space so I can figure out who the heck you are!)
  5. Tweet about the contest, me, or my blog (preferably all three). Leave a link to the post in the space. I recommend using the words: awesome, fantastic, astounding, epic, and amazing. You get brownie points for these.
  6. Follow my other blog, The Stranger Diaries, which I share with the amazingly talented and darkly fascinating Missy Biozarre. She’s awesome. Check her out.

Wanna see the goods? Of course you do!

Here’s the title page with Cassie’s signature. She was great! Taking time to talk to each fan. I heart her. I know, I know, I’ve already told you this.









Here’s the book itself. Looks great on my shelf. Thank goodness I got a copy for myself!







The adorable Judson Birza’s boyish scrawl. He handled the hordes of women like a champ and even wrote ‘Congratulations’ when I told him this was for a blog giveaway. (Yes, I plan well) 🙂







And here he is signing YOUR book!

Since Rafflecopter is not supported by WordPress, I had to do some creative thinking to host the contest. Click Here to be transported to my old blog, which does support Rafflecopter. Please remember you must follow THIS blog, not the other one!

Now friends, you have some following/tweeting/facebooking/Kaceyloving to do. Please remember to tell your friends about this contest. I look forward to spending much blog/twitter/facebook time with all of you in the future.

Good luck!

All the best,




  1. Cynthia Montoya says:

    I followed and tweeted already xD you should get a notice soon. Also I followed your other blog along with liking it on Facebook and followed on twitter. i’m (@CynthiaMontoya3) also my friend Giana Perea Follow both of your blogs as well her email is (ggirl0522@gmail.com) and she followed you on twitter along with liking you on facebook. she tweeted about your epic blog too 😉 on twitter she is (@NvrForgetL0ve)>>>oh and awesome contest xD I’m all excited!

  2. Cynthia Montoya says:

    Ok, so i reread the rules and all..and in refering to the friends we send to follow you as well. My friend Giana (as I stated above) is following you because I had spread the word about the conest and your blog..so I didn’t send you the follow up of her. That she did herself. Does that still count on both of us?

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