There’s a great many things going on around here lately with Antithesis headed to the presses.

Firstly, I have an editor. I’ve known all along that my work needed editing, but actually seeing it happen is incredible. Looking over the changes, I’ve already found myself making corrections in my current work in progress. Become a better writer? Why yes, I will.

Somewhere, there is a designer working on my cover. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to see the cover art. It’s like chiseling your entire manuscript down into that one image. I know it will be great, how could it not? The designer is amazing. Plus, there’s a small (huge) part of me that gets ridiculously giddy about the fact that the cover will have MY NAME on it. My name. On a book.

It’s all very real, suddenly.

A couple of months ago my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore books. Of course, he knew I wouldn’t take him seriously, I’m a book fiend. But the shelves I got earlier this year were already full. So, as a present to me, hubby brought home three giant handmade bookshelves from an old hardware store. They’re big enough that they cover an entire wall almost from floor to ceiling. And they’re beautiful. I spent all night lovingly sorting my books and grouping them by author. Some authors even got their own shelves. Oh…I think I’m finally getting around to my point: I hope to be one of those authors one day, with a shelf to myself. I mean, I’m sure I’ll put Antithesis on a shelf all by itself, but I don’t plan on stopping there. I want to fill that shelf with all the books I’ve written. What greater joy is there?

I’ve been working hard on my faerie story and have nearly reached the end of the manuscript. Right now I’m suffering through my usual anxiety that comes at the end. The what ifs, the why nots. I have about 20 random pages written and I have no idea where they belong. So I just keep writing. I’ll get it right eventually. I suspect I’ll wrap up the initial writing next week when I have FIVE (YES FIVE!!) days off in a row. There is so much to do, and this mini vacation will help immensely with that. I just have to keep the momentum going, though envisioning a life without writing seems about impossible to me.

OH! I almost forgot. I have an OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!!! It’s JULY 21, 2013. Mark you calendars. I hope all of you will give Antithesis a chance, and then write a review for me on Amazon. The story is unique, I promise.

All the best,



4 thoughts on “RELEASE DATE

  1. That sounds fantastic!
    I have only had short stories published up until now, but I know that the thought of my name on the cover of a book and the cover designed by a professional designer would make me want to jump up and down with excitement.
    Well done! And I look forward to reading Antithesis 🙂

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