I’m sure most of you have realized this before, as I talk about her ALL THE TIME. First, I loved her for her writing, then I loved her because of how she interacts with her fans, and then it was because she tweeted my blog, and then because of how she’s just so down to earth…and now it’s because she’s just plain awesome. For those of you that don’t follow her blog and updates, she’s been the victim of hate bloggers, but that’s not really why I’m blogging. In her response to the hate bloggers which I encourage all of you to read HERE, she says something about writing and writers that I think needs to be repeated and splashed all over for us to see. She’s one smart lady, after all. I think as writers we tend to be very critical of ourselves and our work. That’s fine. We all do it. But what resonates with me is when someone with as much success as Cassie posts about insecurity in her own work. See? Famous authors are just like us. They were right here, struggling to make it in a big, scary world full of amazing authors. Truthfully, and don’t make fun of me, I teared up a little reading this because it gave me SO MUCH HOPE. I’m not really someone who gives up, but we all struggle through the ups and downs as writers. One week I’m on a roll and the next I feel like I couldn’t write something decent if someone handed me a million dollars. Anyways, I’m just going on and not really saying anything important. So here’s the snippet that I loved from Cassie’s blog:

“There is no book out there that someone doesn’t think is bad. I try to write good books, to make them the best they can be, but (like almost all other writers I know) I am sure I suck a lot of the time.You write books, you put them out in the world, and the world forms opinions about them. We all have to remind ourselves that we are works in progress, our writing isn’t perfect, and there is something to be learned even from the harshest criticism. I don’t mind being called racist/sexist, either: I am sure that I am, in the sense that we are all products of our conditioning, and we are conditioned by a racist/sexist society that works on us from the day we’re born. I try to be aware, and fight that conditioning, to remember my privilege, to tell fair and truthful stories but that doesn’t mean I’m not a work in progress myself, that I’m not going to screw up.”

I just love her.
That is all.



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