I’m just sitting here, basking in the post-publishing glow, and while the past few months have been INSANE, I have to share Bioblossom Creative with you.

Cover design. All writers need it, few get it from a company as awesome as Bioblossom. Built for writers by a writer, Bioblossom knows how to handle the finicky side of authors with finesse and care. Plus the designers have ridiculous skills. I mean, have you seen the GORGEOUSLY STUNNING cover for Reflection Pond? No…well, let me post it!

Reflection Pond for PrintPDF6_page1_image1I don’t know how she did it, but I gave her this crazy idea of a girl falling through a pond into faerie land, and she made it happen. Julia is a genius!

Check it out. These covers are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase from Bioblossom.

Bioblossom does custom design, too. Take a look at the Testimonials and see why Bioblossom is the cover design company for you.

All the best,




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