Today I come to you with exciting news! Not only do I have a cover for the final Reflection Pond book, TORCH ROCK, I also have an amazing STEPPING STONES update.  

First things first. TORCH ROCK will release April 26, 2016. It’s bittersweet. I’m so happy that I told Callie and Rowan’s story, but it feels like I’m leaving old friends behind to focus on new projects. But! The end isn’t here quite yet. Take a look at that gorgeous cover and dangerous blurb!  

Torch-RockebookWar is coming, and she takes no prisoners.

Faced with an impending battle Eirensae cannot win alone, Rowan journeys to Macántacht to seek allegiance from its leader. The City of Honor is beautiful, still untouched by conflict, and full of surprises that bring Callie’s darkest experiences to the surface.

With her friends’ lives at stake, Callie must confront her past, and accept help from a faerie whose face torments her memories. Reconciling the power beneath her skin has never been more painful.

Amid persistent threats from Fraeburdh, an old enemy reemerges with deadly force. Even with Macántacht fighting beside her and Rowan at her back, the odds are insurmountable. Callie’s biggest trial will come not on a blood-soaked battlefield, but in the quiet moments when she must choose.

 You can PREORDER a digital copy from Amazon now or ADD IT on Goodreads.

 Stepping Stones - FinalToday I learned that STEPPING STONES is a finalist in the Chanticleer Awards for Paranormal. I’m still screaming and jumping up and down. You can check out the contest HERE or order a copy HERE 

Lastly, I’m working on revamping my blog and it comes with AWESOME READER PERKS. Click on About the Author to find out what I mean. (Here’s a hint…it has the word FREE in it.) 

All the best,





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