Just minutes after hitting publish on the final installment of the Reflection Pond Series, Torch Rock, I received calls for MORE. (Okay, maybe minutes is an exaggeration, but it didn’t take long!) These requests are of course exciting but also daunting. The good news is that I already had some “more” written in the form of outtakes from the original Torch Rock novel…and “more” good news is that I already published the first outtake and am working on a second.


Ash & Ember features scenes from the middle of Torch Rock, just when things start getting sticky. Initially, I intended to write the conclusion to the Reflection Pond Series using four point of view characters, Ash, Ember, Rowan, and Callie, but Ash and Ember’s voices were drowned by the strength of Rowan and Callie’s story. (Which surprises no one, I’m sure.)

However, they still deserve their fifteen minutes of fame! (Just check out that amazing cover created by the ever impressive Julia at Bioblossom Creative.)

Abandoned by their friends outside of the City of Honor, Ash and Ember fall into Elm’s hands.

*This Torch Rock Outtake should be read after Torch Rock (The Reflection Pond Series, #3).

You can add the outtake on Goodreads and pick up a digital copy from Amazon.

So what’s next from the magical world of the fae? I’ll give you a hint.The next outtake will happen post-series, and feature a certain brooding winged faerie we all love…AND the faerie he loves. *Be still my heart.*

If you haven’t caught up with the series yet, never fear, I have a link for you! Recently, the entire series has been added to Kindle Unlimited for your convenience. So, go! Read! And don’t forget to leave a review.

All the best,



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