Two months have passed since my last update. Overall, this has been a rough year for my writing. I had a lot of soul searching to do and decisions to make. I’m happy to report that I’m doing the right thing!  

27833542As of Tuesday I started the Story Genius writing workshop, which is a 10-week course based on the Story Genius writing method by Lisa Cron. (If you don’t have this book get it HERE. Also pick up Wired for Story. It has changed everything about how I write.) The course allows me to work with an editor, dig deep into my characters’ lives, and discover the real STORY beneath my words. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. The course was designed by Lisa Cron and Jennie Nash. These ladies are fabulous and smart and so, so patient with us. You can check out more about the Story Genius course HERE. I’m only on the first lesson but already the ideas are flowing. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on my progress as the weeks go by.  

TOMORROW I will be in Toledo, Ohio signing books at the Glass City Author Event. This signing is HUGE and I’m stoked to meet everyone as well as hang out with fellow Inkspell authors Stephanie Keyes and Melissa Keir, and my favorite blogger/assistant Natalie of Better Call Your Bookie fame.


After this event, I’m sorry to say that I’ll be scaling back on my “grassroots” campaigns and focusing more on writing and getting agented… 

Which leads me to an agent update. I’ve sent out a lot of queries this year and the response has been positive. I still have my manuscript out with a few agents and am playing the waiting game. (It’s so hard to be patient!) Of course, you’ll know something as soon as I do. If it’s rejection, I’ll be heartbroken but not defeated. I have a plan that I’m proud of. The lyrics from the song “Thrilled” by Punchline run through my head anytime I feel behind on this writing game, “So what if you’re late doesn’t mean you won’t arrive.”  

The last thing I’ll report is a bit more personal. I’m adopting 2 kids (making the kid to adult ratio in my house 3 to 2). Insanity has ensued, but we’ll make it through. We always do.  

All the best,



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