AK_CoverReveal_BannerHappy Saturday, friends! Today I’m featuring the lovely Lisa Voisin, and the cover reveal of her upcoming novel, The Angel Killer.

TheAngelKillerCOVERComing January 5, 2015


Now that she’s found him again, all Mia Crawford wants is some downtime with her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael. But the call of duty keeps him away—from school and from her—with more demons to smite than ever.

When Michael is mortally wounded by a cursed sword, Mia must perform an ancient blood ritual to save him. But the spell exacts a price. Haunted by visions of war, torture, and despair, Mia discovers the world is in more danger than she ever imagined. Behind the scenes, an evil adversary pulls all the strings.

After redemption, there’s Hell to pay.


About Lisa Voisin

A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her to Young Adult fiction.

Lisa is also a technical writer, a meditation teacher, and the leader of the Young Writer’s Club, a local writing group for teens in her home town. A self-proclaimed coffee lover, she can usually be found writing in a local café. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her meditating or hiking in the mountains to counteract the side effects of drinking too much caffeine!

Though she’s lived in several cities across Canada, she currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her fiancé and their two cats.


Prepare yourself for the release by getting the first book in the series, The Watcher. Available on Amazon.

Millennia ago, he fell from heaven for her.

Can he face her without falling again?

Fascinated with ancient civilizations, seventeen-year-old Mia Crawford dreams of becoming an archaeologist. She also dreams of wings—soft and silent like snow—and somebody trying to steal them.

When a horrible creature appears out of thin air and attacks her, she knows Michael Fontaine is involved, though he claims to know nothing about it. Secretive and aloof, Michael evokes feelings in Mia that she doesn’t understand. Images of another time and place haunt her. She recognizes them—but not from any textbook.

In search of the truth, Mia discovers a past life of forbidden love, jealousy and revenge that tore an angel from Heaven and sent her to an early grave. Now that her soul has returned, does she have a chance at loving that angel again? Or will an age-old nemesis destroy them both?

Ancient history is only the beginning.



poison-tree-ebookObviously, I’m super excited to reveal this cover. It’s so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at it. This book has been a long, hard road, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you in December! The full print cover is below, this is EXCLUSIVE to my blog, just because I love you!

Poison Tree

Available December 2, 2014 from Urban Fey Press

Cover Design by Julia Gollbach (Gorgon) – Bioblossom Creative


Preorder kindle edition

Buy Reflection Pond (Book 1)

The road to the City of War is dangerous.

With their home in ruins, Callie and Rowan are Eirensae’s last hope of stealing the cauldron back from Fraeburdh. They must travel into the human world where the Fallen hide. The banished fae wait for Callie, desperate to sacrifice her before she comes of age.

If Callie and Rowan survive the journey, something worse looms in Fraeburdh. Rowan is destined for a dark family legacy too horrifying to accept, and his father is anxious to welcome him home. Once the truth is revealed, will Callie ever look at Rowan the same way?

Trapped between feuding cities lost in a centuries-old war, Callie and Rowan will face their biggest rivals yet, and neither of them will make it out unscathed.

Poison Tree Print Cover


Sucker 3 purpleBookCoverPreviewIt’s a cover reveal day! I’m very excited to present you with Sucker Literary Volume 3. As most of you know, the past year has been one of incredible growth for me in my writing career, including taking on the role of Social Media Director for Sucker Literary. Working with Hannah (the founding editor) who has such a passion for authors and writing, meeting new people, and attaining goals I never knew were possible, I’m so glad I found Sucker!

Let me tell you a little bit about the company before we get into the goodies that go along with the reveal. Sucker is a young adult literary anthology. It’s gritty, it has heart, it’s the kind of stories we all wanted to read in high school but never had access to. It’s the satisfaction you’re looking for from a well-written story. Hannah is serious about editing, but also fostering emerging authors to find their voice, and present the best possible version of their work. I swear, this woman has infinite patience, and I’ve learned so much from her in the short time we’ve worked together.

On the Sucker website, Hannah describes Sucker as this:

“Sucker Literary is a platform for established and emerging, hugely intelligent writers who have the grit and talent to create compelling, authentic young adult literature that both adults and teens can enjoy. We are a literary enterprise dedicated to showcasing and promoting undiscovered and established writers who write for young adults (this is not to be mistaken for young adult writers). We are not affiliated with any writer’s organization or program and welcome writers at any stage of their writing career/journey.”

Let’s get to the blurb for Volume 3!

Bullied and alone, Ainsley seeks refuge in the arms of a strange boy. Time is slipping away for overachieving Sadie Lin, but reigniting an old flame might help. Scarred by a pressuring ex, Alexandra finally faces the rain. “Pasty and chubby” Charlotte makes a public play for the “Tan and Smooth” king. The beautiful girl in the black, lacy push-up bra says that it’s time for Brenn to stop lying . . . at least to herself. A halfway house is no home for Dawn—or is it? How will Dana survive knowing everyone at school thinks she’s a monster, when they just may be right? JJ and her crush finally get a moment alone—at his girlfriend’s hottest party of the year. Sixteen-year old Sarah prepares for her first day of school by chaining up her Mamí in her bedroom. Alyssa’s life is a well-rehearsed ballet until a tragedy sends her hurtling towards a fall. Loving a boy is as simple as chemistry . . . unless that boy is an unstable element.

Eleven stories that delve into the depths of our experience—driven by fierce and untouched love that makes us seek, lose, fear, desire, long, reflect, survive, steal, protect, fall, and confess.

Sucker Literary Volume 3

Available April 15, 2014

And yeah, in case you’re wondering, I have a story in there. “How to Fall.” Alyssa’s life is a well-rehearsed ballet until a tragedy sends her hurtling towards a fall.

Everything about this anthology is beautiful, from the images, to the stories, to everyone who has put in so much time to make it happen. I love this “place”. Seriously.

Twitter: @suckerlitmag

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Are you a reviewer interested in reviewing Sucker on your blog? Email me! suckerliterarymarketing (at) gmail (dot) com.

Below is the book trailer, designed by yours truly. Watch it, share it, let the world know that Sucker is bigger and better than ever, and we’re here to stay.

Here’s complete list of contributors for this volume. Show them some love!

The H8TE Lilliam Rivera

Valentine’s Day Claudia Classon 

Halfway From Shelli Cornelison

Her Tree Boy Blaze Lina Branter

How To Fall Kacey Vanderkarr 

If it Rains Kristina Wojtaszek

Black Lacy  Kimberly Kreines

Superpower Mary Malhotra 

The Chemistry of You and Me Evelyn Ehrlich

Just a Matter of Time Charity Tahmaseb

A Different Kind of Cute Hannah R. Goodman


Reflection Pond Coming Soon ImageHello readers and friends! There are a lot of exciting things going on right now, and just in case you’re out of the loop, living under a rock, or disinclined to social media, I have a new book coming April 1st! Reflection Pond is a young adult fantasy and I can’t wait for you to read it.

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I’m giving away 10 ARCs (advance reader copies) to the first ten people to sign up for the newsletter, but this is only the beginning. My subscribers will be at the forefront of my readership, in other words, I will love you and lavish you with things that others won’t see.

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Good morning everyone! I’m stuck at home with the plague, so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on this amazing week. It’s truly been a rush and a ton of fun.

Antithesis CoverMonday was the cover reveal for Antithesis. There aren’t words for how exciting this is, to see my book with a cover, to know that in a couple months I’ll be able to hold it in my hands. Wow. WOW. People have been so nice, too. My friends on Facebook have been working overtime promoting Antithesis, and I love them for that. It’s great to have a support group and I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.

On Tuesday, my short story, First Shift went live on the Inkspell website. This is a FREE READ, and it’s still up, so if you want to get it CLICK HERE.  

First Shift

First Shift is the catalyst for Antithesis, and the reason Liam finds himself in Gavyn’s bedroom over two years later. It was really interesting for me to write the before, sad, too. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by in a flurry of posts and tweets and updates. I really don’t mean to annoy people on Facebook, but if I connect with one new person for every post, then it’s worth it. Writing is a thankless job, and just because the book is written doesn’t mean I get a break. Advertising could make or break Antithesis, so I want to give it every opportunity to get out there. So share it. Read it. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t really matter. Just read.

I’ve also become heavily involved with SUCKER LITERARY, which is a Lit Anthology that features emerging young adult authors. I feel really strongly about Sucker. There just isn’t a place for emerging YA. It seems like it’s either make or break, and there’s such a flooded market, that it’s hard to find solid advice. Sucker is incredible in this way, because they mentor writers. If they feel they can help you grow as a writer, they will mentor your story, regardless of whether they accept it for the anthology. Hannah Goodman, the editor and founder of Sucker, has a great vision and I’m honored to be on board. Look for an upcoming blog tour featuring the second volume of Sucker Literary. You can find Sucker on Amazon HERE. And on Goodreads HERE. 


Give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised by the combination of grit and heart that makes Sucker Literary a great read.

In the next few months, my writing group, The Flint Area Writers, will be accepting submissions for a faerie anthology. I’m REALLY excited about this. We have a fantastic set of writers to build the crux of the anthology, and we’ll be accepting general submissions from the public as well. So if you’re a writer, get writing your faerie stories! The submission period runs from August 1 – September 30, and we’d love to read your story.

Stories-from-Fairyland-Promo3There’s a lot of awesome things coming in the future and I’m so grateful to be involved in all of them. If you have the time, take a second to like my Facebook AUTHOR PAGE and add Antithesis on GOODREADS.

After all, I wouldn’t be here without the support of this great community and all the writers that have encouraged me along the way. Now – to actually do the important thing: WRITE!

All the best,



I am so excited to reveal MY cover for ANTITHESIS. This has been a long, LONG journey, and it’s still not over, but I feel so blessed to be here at all. While I have your attention, I want to thank some people that were so instrumental in the creation of ANTITHESIS. Missy – though technically you don’t “exist” anymore, I still know who you are, and I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve been a friend, mentor, and sounding board, and we’ve had a whole lot of fun along the way. Amanda – my sister, for reading my crap when it was still crap, and for answering when I called to tell you my book was accepted. Thanks. RLL – for your ten page emails and your adorable audios. (I know you hate that I just said adorable, but your accent really is pretty cute.) Thanks for being a curmudgeon. The ladies from my writing group, The Flint Area Writers – thank you, thank you, thank you. I have come SO far since I met you, and you guys, above all else, have taken me from there to here, from just “okay” to sometimes “fantastic”. Mart and Kelly – for everything. The Sunday dinners, the impromptu writing sessions, for letting me complain. You guys rock. The awesome team at Inkspell – Thank you. Shilpa, Melissa, all the writers, you guys are amazing. Especially Melissa, for encouraging me to submit in the first place and holding my hand when I needed it. And Jon – my husband. You are a brave, strong man for putting up with me. It has to be tough living with a writer. I give you props and love and more love. Thanks for believing in me, especially those times when I don’t believe in myself.

Now for the reveal!

Antithesis CoverANTITHESIS by Kacey Vanderkarr

Available July 21, 2013 from Inkspell Publishing

My name is Gavyn.

Liam doesn’t care that I only have one arm. He actually likes my red hair and freckles. I might forgive him for kidnapping me.

My name is Gavyn.

I lost my Liam. I’ve lost them all. And now it’s my job to make sure they don’t show up again.

My name is Gavyn.

I had a life with Liam, but he couldn’t give me what I need. Then I killed his father. I don’t expect he’ll forgive me for that.

My name is Gavyn.

About the author:

100_0118Kacey Vanderkarr is a young adult author. She dabbles in fantasy, romance, and sci-fi, complete with faeries, alternate realities, and the occasional plasma gun. She’s known to be annoyingly optimistic and listen to music at the highest decibel. When she’s not writing, she coaches winterguard and works as a sonographer. Kacey lives in Michigan, with her husband, son, crazy cats, and two bearded dragons.

Twitter: @kacimari



It’s a Cover Reveal Day!

Just not for me 🙂 You all have to wait patiently! The cover for Antithesis will be here before we know it.

But TODAY!! Today, we welcome Cecilia Robert, a fellow Inkspeller with her cover reveal for Reaper’s Novice.

Here’s the blurb:

17- year- old Ana Maria Tei’s life has always been perfect: loving parents, good grades, and a future so bright it outshone the sun. But now words like “separation” and “divorce” are sending her world plummeting to hell. Determined to keep her family intact, Ana plans a family-bonding trip from Vienna to Tuscany. Except fate has other plans. Ana’s parents and siblings are killed in a car accident on their way to pick Ana up from school.

Enter Grim, aka Ernest. He promises to relinquish the four souls if Ana agrees to trade her soul for theirs and serve a lifetime as his novice. In order for Ana to graduate from her Reaper’s Novice station to a Soul Collector graduate, Grim puts her to test. To her horror, she finds out becoming a Reaper’s Novice didn’t happen by chance. It was preordained, and she is forced to make a choice:  save her family’s souls or come to terms with who she really is and complete the task set for her.

How fun does that sound? I particularly love that Grim is aka Ernest. And now *drum roll* for the cover:

Woohoo!! Here’s the rest of info so you can stay updated.

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Rerelease December 5th 2012


Cecilia’s Website:

Cover art design: Renu Sharma

I know you all want to know more, so Cecilia and I sat down and had ourselves an interview. (Figuratively, of course, since we live on different sides of an ocean.) She reveals all the goodies we can expect in Reaper’s Novice as well as some insights to herself.

1. This is all about Reaper’s Novice! Give us a juicy tidbit that’ll leave us wanting more.

Reaper’s Novice is about 17 year old girl, Ana Maria, who trades her soul for her
family’s four souls to work for Grim, aka Ernest. Ernest takes her on as his Novice,
trains her. In order for Ana to become a Soul Collector graduate – this is like a
promotion of sorts, and involves more responsibilities and better privileges – he puts
her to test. He promises her he’ll release the four souls completely if she passes the
test. As she digs deeper she finds out that there’s more than meets the eye. The reason
she was chosen by Grim was just a small chunk of an even grander scheme. Her goal:
pass the test, save her family, everything else comes later. If she fails the test… well
things are bound to get nasty. But with Supernatural royalty, one never knows, right?

2. As women, we value a strong female lead. What qualities do you admire in Ana Maria

Ana is the kind of person who cares and loves too much, which is also her weakness.
She’s stubborn, brave, responsible, determined.

3. Be honest! Can we expect romance?

Yes. There is romance in Reaper’s Novice. I’m a romance junkie.

4. Give us a prophetic quote from Reaper’s Novice:

Grim saunters to the window, halts and props his shoulder on it. He folds his arms across his chest, tilts his head slightly. The loop earring in his left ear winks cheerily at me. His eyes twinkle with amusement. “I already own your soul, Ana. You are of no use to me without your hands and legs, so you can keep those. As I said, welcome, Novice.” He is all teeth and wide smiles, appearing very pleased with himself, as if we have just handed each other perfect worlds wrapped neatly in pink ribbons and bowties.

5. Is there a sequel? We need details!

Yes. There is a sequel scheduled for release in July 2013 –hopefully – if all goes as

6. We all know authors are quirky. Do you have any OCD habits associated with

Oh, I have a lot of those habits. I’m so used to writing while the kids are running around,
so when the flat is too quiet, I have to turn on the TV, let it drone in the background
for some form of normality. I hardly listen to music while writing though. And I
LOVE to snack while writing. No chocolate. Something more spicy or salty.

7. Is there one author you’d LOVE for someone to compare you to? Don’t spare us
lengthy descriptions of how much you love this author, after all, everyone loves

Ah, that’s a difficult one. I read different genres so it’s not easy to really point out my
favourite. From the top of my head, I’d say Cassandra Clare. She does her descriptions
so well, even if I’ve never been to say New York, I can picture it in my mind. Nalini
Singh. Great world-building, fantastic plots and her alpha males are just wow. Judith
McNaught: I’ve read and reread her books – historical ones. Other than that her stories
which are very sensual in nature, sprinkled with doses of humour, I enjoy reading
about her tortured heroes as well. G.I.Aiken her dragons are the most interesting I’ve
ever had the pleasure to read about. And funny as well. The women are just as kick-
ass as the men. Tammara Webber- where can I begin with this one. Her stories are
And the list is long ,each author contributing something that makes me want to snatch
their books and cuddle up. See, I can’t decide.

8. Authors often have a “writing comfort zone”. What genre would you love to write that
would throw you out of that zone?

Sci-fi. For some reason this genre scares me to death. But I am a huge Sci-fi films and
TV series fan

9. What scenes are your favorite to write? Is it heart-stopping action? Sultry love?
Intense emotion? Let us have it!

I enjoy writing scenes with intense emotions, whether heartbreakingly sad or
deliciously sexy.

10. Fast forward five years from now. Where do you want your career to take you?

In five years I hope to be in a position where I’ll look back and see how far I’ve come
in terms of improved my writing; it is a very competitive and unpredictable business
after all. I also hope that I’d have made a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you so much for having me over, Kacey!

To find me online, please visit me:





I would love to hear from you.


Thank you so much Cecilia! I really enjoyed working with you on promoting Reaper’s Novice and wish you all the best with your future release and the upcoming sequel. (And did you guys notice that she mentioned Cassandra Clare? It’s like we’re soulmates!)

All the best,