Sucker 3 purpleBookCoverPreviewIt’s a cover reveal day! I’m very excited to present you with Sucker Literary Volume 3. As most of you know, the past year has been one of incredible growth for me in my writing career, including taking on the role of Social Media Director for Sucker Literary. Working with Hannah (the founding editor) who has such a passion for authors and writing, meeting new people, and attaining goals I never knew were possible, I’m so glad I found Sucker!

Let me tell you a little bit about the company before we get into the goodies that go along with the reveal. Sucker is a young adult literary anthology. It’s gritty, it has heart, it’s the kind of stories we all wanted to read in high school but never had access to. It’s the satisfaction you’re looking for from a well-written story. Hannah is serious about editing, but also fostering emerging authors to find their voice, and present the best possible version of their work. I swear, this woman has infinite patience, and I’ve learned so much from her in the short time we’ve worked together.

On the Sucker website, Hannah describes Sucker as this:

“Sucker Literary is a platform for established and emerging, hugely intelligent writers who have the grit and talent to create compelling, authentic young adult literature that both adults and teens can enjoy. We are a literary enterprise dedicated to showcasing and promoting undiscovered and established writers who write for young adults (this is not to be mistaken for young adult writers). We are not affiliated with any writer’s organization or program and welcome writers at any stage of their writing career/journey.”

Let’s get to the blurb for Volume 3!

Bullied and alone, Ainsley seeks refuge in the arms of a strange boy. Time is slipping away for overachieving Sadie Lin, but reigniting an old flame might help. Scarred by a pressuring ex, Alexandra finally faces the rain. “Pasty and chubby” Charlotte makes a public play for the “Tan and Smooth” king. The beautiful girl in the black, lacy push-up bra says that it’s time for Brenn to stop lying . . . at least to herself. A halfway house is no home for Dawn—or is it? How will Dana survive knowing everyone at school thinks she’s a monster, when they just may be right? JJ and her crush finally get a moment alone—at his girlfriend’s hottest party of the year. Sixteen-year old Sarah prepares for her first day of school by chaining up her Mamí in her bedroom. Alyssa’s life is a well-rehearsed ballet until a tragedy sends her hurtling towards a fall. Loving a boy is as simple as chemistry . . . unless that boy is an unstable element.

Eleven stories that delve into the depths of our experience—driven by fierce and untouched love that makes us seek, lose, fear, desire, long, reflect, survive, steal, protect, fall, and confess.

Sucker Literary Volume 3

Available April 15, 2014

And yeah, in case you’re wondering, I have a story in there. “How to Fall.” Alyssa’s life is a well-rehearsed ballet until a tragedy sends her hurtling towards a fall.

Everything about this anthology is beautiful, from the images, to the stories, to everyone who has put in so much time to make it happen. I love this “place”. Seriously.

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Below is the book trailer, designed by yours truly. Watch it, share it, let the world know that Sucker is bigger and better than ever, and we’re here to stay.

Here’s complete list of contributors for this volume. Show them some love!

The H8TE Lilliam Rivera

Valentine’s Day Claudia Classon 

Halfway From Shelli Cornelison

Her Tree Boy Blaze Lina Branter

How To Fall Kacey Vanderkarr 

If it Rains Kristina Wojtaszek

Black Lacy  Kimberly Kreines

Superpower Mary Malhotra 

The Chemistry of You and Me Evelyn Ehrlich

Just a Matter of Time Charity Tahmaseb

A Different Kind of Cute Hannah R. Goodman