November has come and gone. There’s something about that month that’s always crazy busy for me. Sure, it contains my birthday. Hello, twenty-seven, you’re looking lovely. This age is ironic to me. A long, long time ago (which to people my age means about ten years,) I made a pact with a then-friend that if we reached 27 and weren’t married, we would marry each other. Well, as you can see, I hurried and got myself married at 20 so I avoided that disaster. Said friend went on to things I don’t particularly agree with (can we say porn?). Friendship dissolved anyway. Can’t imagine what would’ve happened if we’d kept that pact.

So yes, I had a birthday that involved a birthday bash that ended eventfully in a way I hope to never experience again. I expect you’re already plotting out the lecture in your head. No, no, I don’t need a lecture. I wasn’t the eventful one. That award goes to a drunken friend.

November was Nano. I didn’t participate, couldn’t bring myself to devote the time and energy needed to get to 50,000. Knew I couldn’t. I clocked in at just fewer than 25,000 words, which is a respectable number for me to write in a month. I’m more than satisfied. The first draft of Shade of the Poison Tree should be finished within the next month or two. I’m at 54,000 dark and delicious words. Where Through the Reflection Pond was light, Shade of the Poison Tree is dark. I’m having a lot of fun creating giant messes and killing characters. Taking chances, exploring things that used to be off-limits.

I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2. Judge me. Go ahead. I liked it. I was a little sad that it’s over. But there are bigger and better things around the corner!! City of Bones, for one. Did you all see the trailer? No? Here it is! I’m unbelievably excited for this movie. It’s like crack.

City of Bones Trailer

There’s a celebration in order for my friend, Stephanie Diaz, who not only got agented this year, but sold a three book deal to St. Martin’s. Congrats, Steph, you deserve it! Read all about her deal HERE.

I’m elbows deep in winterguard. That explains where all my time has gone. I have 23 awesome kids on my high school team this year. We’re all working really hard and some of us are losing sleep (read: me) over it. Things are running smoothly, for now. The show is coming along, we have uniforms and flags and rifles, and a mix of attitudes that sometimes gets in the way. But I’ve put on my big girl panties that say COACH across the back and handled it all. It’s epic season or bust around here.

Reflection Pond is still out to betas. Not too worried, got enough on my plate writing Poison Tree. Once that’s done I’ll probably start nagging them to send it back. I’m starting to get behind on my timeline, but that’s okay. Shit happens.

Sadly, because of work, I can’t go to writing group anymore. Seriously breaks my heart. Those people helped my writing SO MUCH and now I CAN’T GO!! Ahh…it kills me. Oh to be a fulltime writer and not conform to the constraints of society (hello, tattoos). One day, one day.

Last on the list of news is vacation. Yes, you read correctly, I’m actually going on vacation. I have no idea what that word even means! Drum roll please…Las Vegas!! One month from today and the time can’t go fast enough. I’m already ready for Christmas to be over! I’m counting on some relaxation, writing, and visiting the Hoover Dam (Oh, so scared of this.). At least it’s not a cruise ship.

Well friends, that’s all the updates I have.

All the best,