Rock Star

Do you ever have those days where you feel like a rock star? That was me today. I must have done something right because karma was good to me.

It actually started last night when my guardie Lisbeth came to visit and pick up flags. If you haven’t heard, I coach a winterguard team. It’s a lot like colorguard (you know those crazy kids with the flags that perform with the band at halftime?) except it’s in the winter and we don’t have a band. Here’s a video of my kids from last season:

This isn’t the best video of them, but you get the idea. (All my other video’s sound got deleted. Stupid youtube.)
So anyway, Lisbeth came over last night and was talking about how much she looks up to me. Do you know what it’s like to have someone look up to you? It feels really, really awesome. She told me how I’m always happy and perky even when I only have 2 hours of sleep. She said something like “You came to practice and were like: I just worked eight hours and I only got two hours of sleep. Let’s practice! Woo!” Haha, yeah. I guess that’s me. I put a lot into these kids because I love them and they mean the world to me. I love coaching.
So, after my high of being told how great I am (tooting my own horn, I know) I had a really awesome day today. In case you didn’t read about it all over Twitter, I’m going to recap it for you.
First, I found out that I won a book! It’s Dead Rules by Randy Russell. You can read the post I entered on here. That, of course, made me really excited. When I get my book and read it, I’ll let you all know how it is! I’m looking forward to it because it sounds like it’s exactly the kind of book I love reading. (And like a month ago I won a Barnes and Noble gift card off a blog. This is why blogging rocks my friends!)
Second, my crazy Memebow Bright meme made The Daily Meme.  Not such a huge deal, I don’t think, but it’s cool! (And this morning you all were trying to put some blame on me for playing the meme game. Booyah, I say, booyah.)
Third, my amazing best friend Mary Joe sent me a text regarding the latest chapter I sent her for my WIP. MJ reads all of my stuff and actually talks to me about it, even when I’m crazy and my characters come to life. She’s a serious asset. Anyways, back to the text. She said (And I quote!) “You really can take an awesome character and slowly make her have a mental breakdown. (That’s a compliment.)” Um hello. Yes it is! Especially when that’s exactly what you’re trying to do!
Thus ends my fantastic day. Let’s hope tomorrow is just as bright. Maybe I’ll play the lottery.
All the best,

One thought on “Rock Star

  1. Hiya, Kacey! Congrats on the good Karma!!! I gald to be a small part of it. Drop me an email and let me know if you would like the book inscribed to you (or anyone… you know, as a gift).

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